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Museum of Intrigue


An immersive, interactive playspace for all ages. 

Find clues, challenge your mind, meet strange characters while navigating highly themed exhibits. Players get to explore the entire space without limits of timers or designated paths. Museum of Intrigue at Destiny USA is “the only one of its kind in the world”. 


Enter a secret society trapped in its own eternal conflicts. Follow one character or move between their tales of hope and fear, and become part of the performance yourself. Perhaps you will change the course of their story, and the legacy of the Society forever.


Magnum Opus is an interactive, immersive promenade performance in residence at the Museum of Intrigue. There is no set order or path; your curiosity will be your sole guide.


Museum of Intrigue
Frightmare Farms

the hunt | The Haunt| The Flesh

Museum of Intrigue x Frightmare Farms are bringing you a SUMMER OF SCREAMS with two immersive experiences THE HUNT and THE HAUNT with an exclusive first look at THE FLESH an add-on attraction...that will surely get your heart pumping!

Sound Waves

The Osiris Institute has invested in the Museum for decades, seeking out answers in the realms of the explainable and unexplainable for a generation. As our latest batch of volunteers, your purpose is to assist in an experiment of human consciousness and the ability for multiple people, no matter who they are, to work together in mind and will.


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Book your story in advance, or take a chance and walk-in to see what’s available. Each Story is unique, and exclusive to your group. You will not be sharing a story with any other players, you will not be timed, and you will be exploring our entire 9000 sq. ft. space in order to complete your adventure.


MUSEUM OF intrigue Events

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Private events are available outside Museum walk-in hours, meaning that the Museum is open exclusively for you and your guests. Some games can even be brought to off-site events.


Booking rates are by the hour, allowing flexibility in the size of the guest list and stories played. Our space is also adaptable to needs for meetings, training, and celebrations!


Want to do something special? Choose to play an exclusive story developed just for large groups, or work with our staff to adapt any experience to your needs.

Want to create a mysterious birthday party? An alluring corporate training?

A riddling reception? Consider booking the Museum for a private event or large group!

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