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The Treasure of Captain Williams


One of the Museum’s founders, Collin Thatch III, inherited both an immense treasure and various artifacts from the Age of Sail from his grandfather. His grandfather, Collin Thatch I, was a prisoner and eventual friend of the famed captain Helena Williams. She gave him her map in case she perished and he hunted for years to finally find the treasure on a lost island. Collin Thatch III has placed the sealed chest here in the Museum, but said he would only place such treasures on display if we could prove ourselves and complete a treasure hunt of our own, prepared and based on the same hunt from all those years ago.


Can you follow the map, and unlock the secrets of the Treasure of Captain Williams?

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Get three of our Prologue stories (Still Life, Containment Breach and the all new Treasure of Captain Williams) at a discount of only $45!

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