2022 Performance Season


The Haunt

June 12 , July 24 , &  August 21

Take on the roles of supernatural hunters as you come into the Museum after dark and help cleanse it of strange entities. Ghosts, beasts, creatures, and more may spawn within, with every run offering a unique story and challenge from the last. 

Choose equipment, grab your hunting manuals, and jump into this dark, no-lights experience like no other, if you dare!


Magnum Opus

 August 14  & November 13

Participate in an immersive and interactive performance held within the storied Museum of Intrigue as a secret society meets again to resolve a dire conflict. Inspired by performances like Sleep No More and Then She Fell, Magnum Opus is a collaborative piece including dance, music, art, sculpture, performance art, mystery-solving, and more, all in a constantly evolving and flowing state not just from moment to moment, but from show to show. Chart your own path through the layers of intrigue and story, and come out changed, forever a member of the Society.