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Museum of Intrigue
Frightmare Farms

the hunt | The Haunt| The Flesh

Museum of Intrigue x Frightmare Farms are bringing you a SUMMER OF SCREAMS with two immersive experiences THE HUNT and THE HAUNT with an exclusive first look at THE FLESH an add-on attraction...that will surely get your heart pumping!

Intrigue & Co. Presents


Enter a secret society trapped in its own eternal conflicts. Follow one character or move between their tales of hope and fear, and become part of the performance yourself. Perhaps you will change the course of their story, and the legacy of the Society forever.


Magnum Opus is an interactive, immersive promenade performance in residence at the Museum of Intrigue. There is no set order or path; your curiosity will be your sole guide.


 World Renowned Experience, Places, & Spaces

 Unlocking New

Built by professional Thinkers, Tinkerers, Dreamers and Doers with the future of entertainment as our main focus! 
While young, our mighty company has proven time and again that our beyond-the-box 
creations not only WOW and entertain audiences, but continue to be on the cutting edge of world-class entertainment with the ability to bridge multi-generational entertainment gaps. Our research and development of immersive reality entertainment paired with our constant creation of new experiences keeps our audiences intrigued!
Core Principles: A fusion of immersive theater elements, themed environments and game-play. Transforming stories into tangible adventures.



Intrigue & Co. Presents

Take on the roles of supernatural hunters as you come into the Museum after dark and help cleanse it of strange entities. Ghosts, beasts, creatures, and more may spawn within, with every run offering a unique story and challenge from the last. 

Choose equipment, grab your hunting manuals, and jump into this dark, no-lights experience like no other, if you dare!

306 Hiawatha Blvd W m302, Syracuse, NY 13290

(855) 653-7227

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