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Trade Shows 2022 -2023


Integratable Intrigue Panels

Full games ready for your space!

Plug-and-play 60 minute mystery experiences. Take an Intrigue Panel, a centralized high-quality electronic prop and let it lead your guests through a mystery experience of any size. Place a selection of additional smaller props throughout the intended space, whether it is a room, a hallway, an exhibit, or a whole floor or wing, for them to find, use, solve, or bring back to continue using the intrigue Panel. These come in all shapes and sizes, and currently come in two themes:


A Voice in the Laboratory: A ghostly presence has infected an old device. Get to know it and complete its scientific work, and perhaps send it back to where it came from.


Amelia’s Last Call: Fix radios and transmitters as you track down the source of a mysterious message, and solve an old disappearance.


Adrenaline Rooms

Documentation, design support, and training on a new type of exciting addition to your attraction or venue. Adrenaline rooms focus on the gameplay of pressure and excitement in short bursts of 10 minutes or less, with high throughput, intense immersion, and low reset. Score-based gameplay encourages multiple playthroughs, and the open-door concept allows for more flexibility than with short escape rooms, giving players the choice to engage with something intense and scary without the restrictions and concerns with ‘trapping’ them.


Choose from themes such as The Flesh, Don't Go in There, Chained, and Stakes.


Event Game  Documentation

One of our tried-and-true event games for 30 - 130 guests. Use actors, props, clue kits, and more to transform any venue into a night of mystery and mayhem. Let us figure out the puzzles, graphics, and story while you focus on implementation and ticket sales.

Large Games

When creating large-scale events for groups ranging from the dozens to the thousands, game design on a sliding or massive scale is challenging. Consider picking up one of our many Large Scale Games, each designed to target specific audiences, and to be flexible to many different types of spaces. Whether it is the more performer-oriented Many Happy Returns, the puzzle-y Cold Feet, the competitive House of Spies, or the scary Rise of the Dark One, we have continued to produce and run successful and creative events with new surprises for return and veteran gamers.


Ask us about our past designs, and our ability to customize one for your needs.

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